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Special Educational Needs Teachers

Courses for teachers of Pupils with Special Educational Needs

These courses are for teachers of pupils (of all ages) with special educational needs and are designed to give European educators an insight into Special Education in the UK and to gain new ideas and techniques to use in their own schools.

Courses include lectures and discussions with Special Needs teachers/ headteachers/ advisors and visits to special schools and/ or schools with integrated special needs (primary or secondary) according to the requests of each participant.


Courses for group of Special Needs teachers can be organised at any dates (in UK term-time). If a group has a special interest (for example dyslexia), workshops are arranged with specialists who give details of provision in the UK and the latest developments and thinking on teaching pupils with specific learning difficulties in the UK and new methods and activities to motivate pupils.

Please contact us with your group's requirements and we will be pleased to send proposals for your course.


Individual teachers and groups are invited to enrol on the course below.

Portsmouth11 March - 19 MarchCourse infoLocation info
Portsmouth18 June - 25 JuneCourse infoLocation info
Portsmouth10 March - 18 MarchCourse infoLocation info


For information on how schools and colleges can apply for Erasmus+ (Erasmus Plus) funding for their teachers to attend ISP courses in the UK click here.

Teachers who already have funding are invited to enrol on any ISP course