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Vocational Subject Teachers

2 Week Courses for Teachers in Vocational Schools

These courses give teachers the opportunity to:

  • Compare vocational training in Britain with their own countries through visits to vocational colleges, lectures and discussions
  • Improve their command of English for vocational purposes
  • Up-date their knowledge of aspects of British commerce/industry relating to their specialist fields

Hotel & Catering

In addition to the courses for teachers of all vocational subjects there is a specialist course on English for Catering & Hospitality.


Please contact us if you would like us to make proposals for a course for a group of teachers. There is a wide choice of UK locations.


Individual teachers and groups are invited to enrol on the courses listed below. (Click on each course for full details).

Southampton30 January - 12 FebruaryVocationalCourse infoLocation info
Southampton6 - 19 NovemberHotel & CateringCourse infoLocation info
Southampton6 - 19 NovemberVocationalCourse infoLocation info
Southampton22 January - 4 FebruaryVocationalCourse infoLocation info
Southampton5 - 18 NovemberHotel & CateringCourse infoLocation info
Southampton5 - 18 NovemberVocationalCourse infoLocation info

For information on how schools and colleges can apply for Erasmus+ (Erasmus Plus) funding for their teachers to attend ISP courses in the UK click here.

Teachers who already have funding are invited to enrol on any ISP course.
For Courses for Teachers of English in Vocational Schools click here